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Some photos of the RVI wasteland and of the studio-apartment at the Vaca Loca, one of the wasteland collectives, before and after the fire. Arson attack which took place during the night of December 19 to 20, 2010 and which was intended to dislodge the artists. The self-managed wasteland collective was nevertheless in agreement with the Greater Lyon and had won the first summary proceedings. What did not please the former mayor of Lyon, now sinister from the inside, the little petainist rat Gérard Collomb and the large associated construction companies.

To give you an idea and a feeling of the shock and devastation it can bring.


With that terrible smell of death that sticks to your skin for months, years. I miraculously saved a drawing board that was burnt on the edges that I still cannot open because the smell immediately jumps out at me.

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